Company History

Since 1987 San Diego Propane has been a family owned and operated business (East County Resident for 30 years).  We supply propane gas for residential and commercial use in San Diego County.  We have built our business on great service, safety, and fair pricing.

We work hard to minimize our operating costs and expenses, enabling us to pass the savings on to our customers. Our equipment may not be brand new, but it gets the job done and it is paid for.  Also, propane is a certified green fuel and an excellent way for our fleet of delivery trucks and our customers’ homes to curb emissions.  50% of our fleet runs on propane.  We are thinking of today and tomorrow.

We offer check-and-fill delivery service to prevent customers from running out of fuel.  Also, we provide tank rental, installation, and safety checks for our customers.

If you are looking for a new propane company, call us today! (619) 460-1705

Advantages of doing business with us:

  • Local family owned and operated
  • Superior customer service
  • No long-term contracts
  • Budget plans available
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Supply safe, reliable service for your home or company

San Diego Propane is a member of the National Propane Gas Association and the Western Propane Gas Association.  Our employees are certified by CEPT (Certified Employee Training Program).

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